Finding Divinity Within Based On Brahma Vihara

By Bhante Sumitta |

There are four qualities of a divine being: benevolence, compassion, sympathy, and equanimity. Through Buddhist meditation, we can nurture these divine traits within ourselves. This is called Brahma Vihāra because these four qualities are said to be possessed by the Brahma Devas. In a more mundane sense, these four wonderful qualities are ideally reflected by the Mother & Father of all of us. Hence, the Buddha – the Awakened One preached that we better respect and salute our living parents as true creators of our world. These are also called Four Immeasurables or Four Sublime States.

Brahma Vihāra

Mettā (Loving Kindness)

Karuṇā (Compassion)

Muditā (Sympathetic Joy)

Upekkhā (Equanimity) 

Mettā – Loving Kindness |

This is a quality that we need to practice by sharing loving kindness to all sentient beings without any discrimination. This is a Loving Kindness without borders or demarcation. We can practice this Meditation by sending Loving Kindness to ourselves first and then expanding it to all other sentient beings. We can send loving kindness in several different techniques according to Buddhism:

Different Techniques that You Should Know |

  • Oneself > Near & Dear Ones > Neutral Ones > Unfriendly Ones
  • All sentient beings in different directions: All sentient beings in the Eastern Direction > in the Western Direction > in the Norther Direction > in the Southern Direction > in the Northeastern Direction > in the Northeastern Direction > in the Southeastern Direction > in the Southwestern Direction > in the Direction Above > in the Direction Below.
  • Oneself > Everyone at home > Everyone in the neighborhood > Everyone in the City > Everyone in the Country > Everyone in the world > Everyone beyond the world.

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