Journey to Italy

This Spring Ayya Soma and Bhante Suddhaso will be heading to Italy in the company of Bhante Sumitta, Tan Sutham and Tan Mon. You are welcome to join them for part of the trip, offer them food, invite them over to your place, and ask them Dhamma questions. Below are the dates:

May 23rd-31st: Amalfi Coast


Spend a few days or a week with us in the Amalfi Coast. The Sangha has been invited to Hotel Panorama in Maiori in Santa Tecla 8, 84010 Maiori (SA). You can either join us for the entire time, or join in for the following public meetings:

  1. Friday, May 27th, 9am-5pm: Day-Long Field Trip with sitting & walking meditation from Maiori to il Santuario dell’Avvocata, with scenic views over the coast. Meet at 9am in front of Hotel Panorama
  2. Friday May 27th, 7pm: Evening Meditation on the Beach at Hotel Panorama
  3. Saturday & Sunday May 28th & 29th2pm-5pm: Afternoon of Mindfulness on the Terrazza of Hotel Panorama 

June 1st-6th: Cisternino. Puglia

The Sangha will be the guest of Ashram Bhole Baba in Cisternino, in Puglia. Please send an email to info @ if you would like to attend.

June 6th-16th: Thudong in Lazio

At this time the Thudong part of the trip will start and the Sangha will head to Santacittarama Monastery, a Thai Forest Monastery in the tradition of Ajahn Chah. You can periodically see the group’s movements on this Facebook Group:

June 16th: Rome

Meet the monks at il Giardino degli Aranci, in Rome, at 6pm. Meditate and ask Dhamma questions.


 June 18th-19th: Milano


The Sangha will be leading a weekend retreat at Dharma Nikethanaya Temple in Via Padova 318, Milano.

  • Saturday & Sunday June 18th -19th9am-4pm: Meditation Retreat at the temple. Simply show up, or if you have questions please email: or call +39 3338289236



June 21st: Verona

The Sangha will be hosting an evening of Meditation, Dhamma, and discussion at Samma Sathi, in Via Ventotto Gennaio 27, 37136 – Verona. Meeting will go from 7pm to 9pm.





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