MED101 | Yoga & Meditation for Beginners

By Bhante Sumitta |

Hello friends, we are organizing a Yoga & Meditation class for beginners from March 13, 2022.

MED101 | Yoga & Meditation for Beginners

This free online course is conducted by Dhamma USA and it’s completely free. This Yoga & Meditation class will help you to maintain a balanced and healthy body and mind. Please sign up as the seats can be limited for this Free Online Course. 

Please click 👉 here 👈 to sign up. 


Yoga Instructor | Anchal Singh

Meditation Instructor | Bhante Sumitta

Starting on March 13, 2022

Every Sunday at

6 am Pacific Time (PST)

8 am Central Time (CT)

9 am Eastern Time (EST)

6:30 pm Indian Standard Time (IST) (same time with Indian & Sri Lanka)

What you need to prepare: 

Yoga Mat exercises and meditation

Comfortable dress for stretching 

Platforms to Join:

Dhamma USA YouTube Channel

Dhamma USA Facebook Page

Dhamma USA Zoom Channel | Zoom ID: 5982004357 | Passcode: dhammausa1

For More Info:

Email |

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