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Dependent Origination

The Buddha, soon after his enlightenment, reflected on the depth of the Dhamma he had realized. He saw two points in this Dhamma that transcends logic (atakkāvacara), which it is difficult for the worldlings immersed in defilements to see. One is the Dependent Origination (Paṭicca Samuppāda) or Conditionality (Idappacayatā). The other is Nibbāṇa – the complete absence of all cravings & attachments.

Stages of Awakening

Sotāpanna: The ‘Stream-winner’ or ‘stream-entrant’, is the lowest of the 8 Noble Disciples see: ariya-puggala Three kinds are to be distinguished: the one ‘with 7 rebirths at the utmost’ sattakkhattu-parama, the one ‘passing from one noble family to another’ kolankola the one ‘germinating only once more’ eka-bījī